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Warehouse services

Hercules’ is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida and serves both the domestic and international markets from a 52,000 square foot state-of-the art, automated warehouse.  Stocking over 47,000 individual SKU’s we provide the world’s largest one-stop inventory with  immediate access to all pick and pack operations, and using the latest computerized paperless systems. Hercules offers many different value added services in order to provide a level of service customers have come to expect. Hercules ships most orders the same day and provides various competitive shipping options.


Value Added - Hercules provides several different value-added service options to meet your requirements. Services offered include:

  • Part bagging:  We offer part bagging in your specified quantities.
  • Master pack bagging: Just like part bagging, Hercules also will produce master packs of smaller bags.
  • Kitting: Just in Time (JIT) kitting and Customer Specific (CSO) kitting: Whether you are a production facility or reseller we can save assembly time and overhead costs; Hercules provides pre-production, as well as after-market kits to meet your specific needs and specifications. This is accomplished by grouping all the required parts needed for a fluid power application together and assembling the parts into a finished kit.  Many of our kits can be assembled and delivered the same business day.    Customer specific Bag / Box labels and barcodes:  Hercules is capable of producing custom barcodes and labels according to your specific packaging requirements.

Multi-Order Shipment Consolidation – With our paperless warehouse management software, orders are immediately released from the webstore and sales department to the warehouse floor. However, customers can continue to place orders throughout the business day because Hercules provides customers the option to consolidate orders. Orders identified as consolidated will be delivered as one shipment, but will arrive separated by job or purchase order number. Hercules also provides single order packing slips, container detail and master packing slips.  So regardless of the size of the order, finding and identifying parts in a shipment is simple.

Warehouse automation

Hercules is continually looking for ways to provide quality service and accommodate the growing needs of our customer. To accommodate our ever increasing demand, we’ve made significant investment to improve our warehouse capabilities. In 2009, Hercules implemented a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) which controls the essential warehouse functions. At the same time, twelve Automated Inventory Carousel were installed to store and retrieve inventory. These systems greatly improved efficiency and reduced errors. In 2015, Hercules added three Vertical Lift Modules (VLM). The VLMs are an enclosed inventory storage and retrieval system with vertically arranged trays stored on both sides of the unit. With the push of a button, an extractor that is controlled by a computerized management system delivers the trays to an ergonomic work station. The VLMs optimize storage by utilizing ceiling height instead of floor space. Watch a video of both processes in action on the company video.

Seal on Demand – Hercules has four CNC machines available to help customers with custom applications.  Currently, we have the capability of making custom seals up to 24 inches in diameter and can complete butt, scarf and step relief cuts with our live tooling capabilities.  The Seal on Demand department provides same day service for Next Day Air orders entered before 3:30 p.m. View Seals on Demand

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Shipping services

Our worldwide resources, new state-of-the-art warehouse and delivery expertise enable us to have complete visibility of your order from the moment you place it. We deliver to local areas, across the country or around the world. Popular shipping options include FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and many more. Hercules Offers The Lowest Freight Rates With Low Cost Shipments To All 50 States!

Delivered by 10:30 AM Guaranteed or Your Money Refunded (Some Zip Codes are restricted, call Customer Service at 1-800-777-5617 or send your questions using the general inquiries online form)

For heavier shipments (over 150 lbs.) ask your Hercules sale representative about Hercules 3rd Party Billing arrangements for truck shipment.

In regards to shipping, Net 30 customers' freight price is determined during packaging and invoiced accordingly. An estimate can be determined using the link below. Credit Card customers will be charged at checkout unless a shipping option is not chosen. Orders without a shipping method will default to UPS Ground and will be charged accordingly.

Information on Freight rates and cut-off times.

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