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Our new webstore is ready to go live Monday, March 23rd!
We listened to your requests and built our new store around them.

The new webstore offers improved security to protect your personal information.
This includes a new password system that will require you to reset your password to enter the new webstore.
The instructions below will assist you with logging into the new webstore on Monday, March 23rd.
This is a very simple process.
Please read the instructions below.
You must have a valid email address, or you will not be able to reset your password online.
If you don’t have a valid email address, please update your email on our current webstore under My Account to ensure that you can login on Monday.


Click the sign in button located on top right side of the webstore
Type in your login and password from the old webstore
Click the submit the button and you will be redirected to the next page



Once you have reached the new page, please read the instructions that appear.
An email will have been sent out to your registered email address.
Please access your email program to view this email.



Once you receive the email, you can click on the prompt in blue
If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
You must have a valid email address to receive this email.


You can now enter your new password
Passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters and contain least 1 upper,1 lower and 1 digit



If you see the same as the image below, Your new password has been accepted
Now just login to the new webstore and start shopping. If you have any issues please contact our team at 800-777-5617 or at webmaster@herculesus.com

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