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Clearwater, FL – May 2019
Employee Announcement – Alexis Barham - Executive Assistant/HR Generalist
Alexis Barham joined Hercules in May 2019 after having previously held HR experience from the non-profit sector of Eckerd Connects.
Alexis earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and her Major in Human Resources Management from Youngstown State University.

Clearwater, FL – January 2019
Employee Announcement – Tony Pert - Director of Supply Chain
Tony Pert joined Hercules in January 2019 after having previously held Supply Chain and Procurement leadership
roles for a number of Fortune 500 organizations including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and ThyssenKrupp AG.
At Hercules, he is responsible for overseeing supply chain, strategic sourcing and process development and improvement.
Tony received his MBA from the University of Bellevue in 2010, concentrating on strategic leadership.

Clearwater, FL – January 08, 2019
Employee Announcement – Andy Patel - Manager of Marketing
Hercules Sealing Products is pleased to announce that Andy Patel has been appointed Marketing Manager.
Andy, previously held positions in large scale supply chain and logistics organizations. He holds a BS in Marketing from
Stetson University and currently sits on the University of South Florida digital marketing advisory board.
He has a vast background in developing global marketing strategies, marketing management processes, and social media analysis.

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