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Hercules quality management system (QMS)

Our ISO9001 registered QMS demonstrates the Hercules commitment to an independently verified Quality Management System. Customer benefit: We have an internationally recognized quality system; we speak with our customers on the same terms.

Hercules actively conducts regular surveys to measure customer satisfaction. Customer benefit: We are proactive rather than reactive to customer suggestions for improvement. Our ISO9001 registered QMS focuses on continuous improvement, assuring customer that Hercules is keeping current on "best practices". Customer benefit: Improved warehouse management, information systems and delivery strategies are as important to customer satisfaction as product design.

Hercules measures many internal processes to identify cost and efficiency improvements. Customer benefit: We control our costs so we can consistently offer a fair value over time. Our ISO 9001 registered QMS requires competency, awareness and training of employees. Customer benefit: Competent, knowledgeable employees deliver required product at the requested time, 99% of the time.

Quality Statement
It is the policy of Hercules Sealing Products that the seals, kits, and other products supplied to worldwide customers are of the highest quality and continually meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers through our commitment to a continually improving quality management system.

Quality Certificate
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