• Ductile iron piston
  • Ductile iron gland, drilled oil passages
  • Honed steel tube, precision finished for extended seal life
  • High tensile, hard chrome plated rod
  • Ductile iron end mounts, female devises with pins and clips included
  • Tube seal: O-ring
  • Rod Seal: Deep polypak with B lip design; metal canned wiper
  • 2-Piece 93A urethane piston seal, with a 70A nitrile energizer
  • All Seals: Manufactured to US specifications

* For quantities above 50 pieces, call Hercules for special pricing

SKU HTR-3006
Weight 23.76 lb
Stroke 6
H 2.600
I 3.740
K 2.520
Ports NPTF 1/2 NPT
Tube O D 3.375
Bore 3
Rod 1.25


List price: $56.30

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